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Moon Magic

The radiance of the full moon Makes me swoon And sway Throughout the day. What a pretty sight That just might See vows sworn Until past the morn. Hours of the moon’s glow Can make things just so, A big heart That’s too smart, That feels real And does appeal To the mind’s eye ToContinue reading Moon Magic

Life’s Strife

The pressures of life Can have a lot of strife That pulls at the edges, And waits on ledges At the height of tall skyscrapers, That seems like Spiderman capers Seen on TV That scare me Into compliance With an alliance Of a trusted friend. Hope its not the end And that we can bendContinue reading Life’s Strife

Facing the day

Facing the day With a brave way Is inspiring to us That witness The strength of your stance As you choose to dance To the strummer Of a new drummer. I wish I could see The power of we As into the future Is the mindful cure Of all the troubles That infect our bubblesContinue reading Facing the day

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