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Poetry Is…10

                Poets are famous for writing beautiful, sweet-sounding verse. Poetry can have allusions, which are references to something outside the poem, such as a person, place, story or historical event. When sounds sound good together, it is called euphory. Rough, or harsh sounding words together, is called dissonance. Watch for internal rhyme as well asContinue reading “Poetry Is…10”

The Fat Cat

There was a fat cat, Wearing a hat. He sat on a mat With a bat. He was chasing a rat. Splat! He got him flat! Imagine that!

Poetry Is…  9

                Poets have language as their tool as they craft poetry. Metaphors and similes are figures of speech that can make the poem sound like music. There is history, meanings, and suggestions in each poem that show the mastery of language that the poet has. Language can create unforgettable images that compare to life’s happenings.Continue reading “Poetry Is…  9”

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