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And the Snow Fell…

On a hill, In the countryside, Stood an old log cabin. Inside, A bearded old man Sat in his rickety rocker Where he wove Fanciful stories That always had Happy endings. Clustered At his feet, Were A great gathering Of tiny children Who listened Attentively. As the friendly fire Sparkled and crackled, And the old…

Writing Exercise 11

Write about the speed of something. Is it fast or slow? Compare fast and slow. What speed is comfortable for you? Can you keep up with it? Do you have patience to wait for it?

Poetry Is…19

The story of poetry has four phases in the last 300 years. There is Romanticism, Symbolism, Modernism, and Postmodernism. The Industrial Revolution sparked Romanticism, which was a time of a new, revolutionary outlook based on personal emotions. The inspiration of the arts and different ideas had the feeling of new beginnings. When people picture poets,…

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