Splish, Splash

Splish, splash

Through pools of puddles

The little girl,

In a yellow raincoat

And red gumboots,


Her green umbrella


As the spring rain

Showered down

From the cloud-ridden


Children have fun wherever they are. They could teach us adults a little about making the best of things and finding joy in the smallest things. Their joys are big and their troubles are few. Their job is to play; it gives them life skills and social skills. As adults, our work should be our play. What’s the point of doing something that doesn’t give a person some sort of satisfaction? Life is play, for big adult kids and regular growing kids, or at least it should be. We continue to grow and learn our whole lives. The person who laughs regularly and keeps on dancing, is the one who will have a long and happy life. The elders teach the young life skills, the young teach the elders to keep questioning and never stop wondering about life. It is the “Circle of Life”: forever learning about the world around them.

Published by karenhein61

I am an avid lover of poetry and I love to share my work.

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