Hi. I’m Karen. I am a published poet and a lover of all things poetry. I believe in the poetry of the soul and I want to share my thoughts with you.

I have been writing poetry since grade four. I am working towards my dreams of working from home as my own boss. I have been a motivational speaker for the Smoking Cessation group, and for the benefits of working and volunteering. I believe that mental wellness is possible for everyone. I am working on my memoirs, another book of poetry, and my journals. I reside in Vancouver, Canada, and am surrounded and supported by friends and family.

As creator of The Troupe de Poetry events including: Poetry in the Pub, in the Park, and with Desserts as well as, my very own Poetry Course, I wanted to invite you into the magical world of Poetry. Be sure to follow my website, so you stay informed about what is happening.

Me and the Troupe de Poetry

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