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Introduction to The Troupe de Poetry

Poetry for the People!

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Our Motto

 Find joy, comfort, and fun with affordable entertainment that is easy to book. Thought-provoking, performances that are powerful and memorable. Feel better about life and have a different perspective and point-of-view after experiencing an hour with us. We provide original, fresh poetry readings for live audiences.

Let Us Entertain you!

Make your next event special with affordable, fun poetry readings. We are the Troupe de Poetry, specializing in beautiful poetry that is written by our Troupe’s members. It is our pleasure to share our personal poetry with you, our audience. We are also happy to personalize our poetry to reflect your special occasion. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

Thought-provoking and fun!           

We love to bring our thoughts to you by performing poems in a theatrical and fun way. Each one of us brings different life experiences which are shared in expressive style at various venues such as: festivals, private functions, senior’s facilities, schools, and theatres. We do special occasions, seasonal events, and community events.

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Powerful Performances

Words have the power to make grown adults cry and to make children smile. Words evoke memories and inspire the most passionate emotions that humans can have.

Find Your Joy

Let our Troupe’s poetry touch your heart and soul. Let it bring out emotions that are familiar and also new, as our Troupe de Poetry enlightens your life with words of wisdom.

Find Comfort and Fun

Poetry brings comfort and brings about an emotional release of the deepest human condition in an interesting and entertaining way. Our Troupe helps face serious issues with clever metaphors and other poetic devices in their writings, and brings them to you, the audience. We bring the joy of poetry and a hint of drama to your event with a light-hearted, amusing mix of thought-provoking poetry.


“The Troupe de Poetry is a passionate group of individuals who enjoy sharing their passion for the written word in the form of poetry.  Karen is organized and takes the time to make sure that all performers are prepared for the day of presentation.  The coffee meeting before the show was a great way for everyone to connect and get comfortable for the performance.” – Otilia Kozelj, Clubhouse Manager, The New View Society.

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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Viva la Poetry!

July 12, 2022

Community Block Party (Poetry in the Park)

                 On Tuesday night, we had our Community Block Party. There were 22 people in attendance. There was some food (potato chips, iced tea, cookies), games & activities, as well as a live poetry reading from The Troupe de Poetry. The weather was perfect, a balmy 25 degrees with sunshine. Everyone brought their own chair. The highlight of the Block Party was a cat named Flynn who joined the party. We got some great pictures of the Party (below). We had a great time! Everyone enjoyed themselves.

Testimonial:       “Last evening, July 12, 2022, I attended the “Poetry in the Park” presentation by the Troupe de Poetry headed by Karen Hein. Along with her group of poets, a friend was playing the guitar providing some musical entertainment. We, a small yet very appreciative audience, were treated to several very interesting poems about nature, animals, and feelings; all very special. The final poem of the evening was one by Pauline Johnson, read in parts by the entire Troupe de Poetry.The weather, and the setting under a great tree, was a beautiful, relaxing, and most enjoyable hour of “Poetry in the Park”. Looking forward to their next presentation.” – Pat K.

Flynn the Mascot
Flynn signing the guest book
Flynn giving draw tickets out
Flynn enjoying poetry
The group getting ready for readings
Anita – Poet
Julie – Poet 


Karen – Poet
Pam – Poet
Block Party take-down
Ready to go!

Photo credits courtesy of: Shirley H., Donna M., Charlatte B., Pam M., Julie S.

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